Sunday, November 15, 2009

My present location and the local wild life

This is where I am presently located:

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This is a very strange and large insect I cannot identify that has been buzzing around my apartment banging into walls:

This is a goat who got up on the wall to eat the leaves of the mango tree in the yard:


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I'd be happier with the goat than the large, buzzing insect. Oddly enough, I pictured you on the West coast of India... Thanks for posting the location.

Gwen said...

Insect life is pretty amazing and diverse in my apartment, so much so that I often think I should have been an entymologist and not an archaeologist. If I were, then at least I'd know what these myriad of bugs are. India generally is full of wildlife (and domesticated animals) much more so in daily life than the US. So I decided I should try to do a photo series of the creatures I encounter regularly, including the bugs, and animals domestic and wild.

I have many more pictures of the insect than the ones shown here. I wish I knew what it was. It looks like a combination between a large ant (the head) and a wasp (the body/thorax), but didn't have an obvious stinger that I could see, and wasn't remotely aggressive. In fact, rather aimlessly flew around banging into walls, before I went to bed and found it dead on the floor in the morning.

Kelly said...

keep your eye on that goat... COMPARATIVE COLLECTION

Gwen said...

AH yes. Comparative collection. I should work on that. What kind of animal did you want again? A young female? I pass a bunch of butchers' stands on the roadside on my way to the university every day. I wonder what they would say if I asked for a whole goat, and then asked them to remove all the soft tissues... hmmm.

Before I get to that stage, let me know what age/sex you'd like ideally. Then I'll see what I can do. :)